The Square Scullery
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Square Scullery:


The Square Scullery = Highland Square's Little Badass Kitchen On Wheels

The Square Scullery Food Truck

The Square


proper noun

Highland Square is an eclectic offbeat urban neighborhood in Akron.




A small kitchen used for washing dishes, prep work, and cooking.

food truck

/fo͞od/ /trək/


A large vehicle equipped with facilities for cooking and selling food.

Akron Food Truck

"We're just a couple kids from Akron chasing our dreams."

Being chef owned and operated, we take great pride in the quality of the dishes that we serve off of our truck. Made from scratch, locally sourced & always fresh.

The Square Scullery Food Truck

the Square Scullery Family 

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.” —Albert Einstein

Chef Matt Ulichney

Chef Matt

Matt started at the bottom, now he here. Jokes aside, Matt started as a dishwasher 15 or so years ago, and worked his way up the kitchen ranks to where he is today. His style of cooking reaches a wide range of different techniques and flavors with influences from the dirty South, Central America, Korea and everything in between. 

Heather Bailey-Ulichney


Right hand little lady & usually found working behind the scenes when she's not at the window. Professional offbeat photographer of 8 years, avid thrift store super star, book junkie, lover of cats + coffee.